Plasterers are you looking for space & time saving Ply Van Racking & Storage solutions your Van?

Are you fed up of waking up up on a Monday morning and being greeted to your van looking like this? Is it taking you an hour or more every morning to search for Tools, Fixings and Plasterboard Materials?

Are you always running to the van to find more Multi finish, to find you have run out of stock and having to take time out of your day to drive to the local builders merchants to collect more?

Scroll down for your dream Racking...

We have the perfect time saving, money saving solution for you.

Look at the top quality Ply Van Racking, custom built for a Plaster Tradesmen.

We use high quality Hardwood Plywood - this design contains;

3 x Van Racking / Van Storage units

3 x storage area to plasterboard edge bead

1 x Van storage compartment to store your Gypsom / Plasterboard Sheets safely - avoiding damage and accidents

This whole bundle is going to be a one off fee of £1200 - this will take our Van Racking Specialist around 3 days to complete.

Why use Ply Van Racking Limited?

You are getting top quality products, not an off the shelf product, but a specific design for your trade, you will notice the superb quality or our machine and handcrafted racking - in my opinion this does not compare to other products on the shelf.

Our customer service is so good, you will not want to leave the workshop without leaving us a 5 star review on google.

I hear you thinking, I don't want to outlay that cash right now, do I really need it?

Let me help you with that conundrum, I will break the yearly cost down for lost time.

You spend 1 hour a day (this is probably being conservative) searching for materials in the morning.

Lets say you earn £25 per hour - £25 x 261 week days = £6,525 in lost working hours every year!

This is going to be the best purchase you make this year! Contact us today or call our friendly Office Manager Steph today 07727707706

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